St Georges Resort


Rachiine lies north of the Northern town of Zghorta, and is roughly 88 kilometers from Beirut - about an hour and 15 minutes by car. With a population of less than 8000, Rachiine is a pleasant break from the frantic pressures of urban life in Lebanon. The gorgeous scenery, pleasant weather, delicious food and friendly, hospitable people make it a must-see for those exploring the outer edges of the country. Situated in Rachiine overlooking the Rachiine river is St Georges Resort, an upscale restaurant that can seat few hundred customers, making St Georges Resort a great venue for weddings, engagements, birthday parties and corporate events. The atmosphere at St Georges Resort is warm and welcoming with the new traditional decor. You will enjoy our delectable authentic Lebanese menu and fabulous fresh food and exceptional service from our dedicated professional staff. At St Georges resort we the have the best one man band entertainment every Saturday. » The restaurant can seat 550 customers indoor & 1000 outdoor. » Vallet Parking available » St Georges Resort is 5 minutes from Zgharta & 10 minutes from Tripoli & Koura For all your functions and occasions please contact us.


Rachaaine, Zgharta, North Lebanon

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