Wed the Lebanese Way!

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October 28, 2009
Despite Lebanon’s diversified people, who belong to 18 different sects, the Lebanese are yet tied down to sharing the same traditions. You can see this clearly when attending Lebanese weddings anywhere in Lebanon. Whether simple or grand, a Lebanese wedding wouldn’t be truly Lebanese without a ‘zaffe’. Zaffe is Arabic for the act of escorting the bride to her husband, and nowadays with her husband, in celebration of their holy marriage. A wedding in the village, though simple, is one which everybody takes part of. In many villages, celebrations go on for three consecutive days. On the third day, the groom is escorted by a group of dancers, as they play music, sing and dance on their way to the bride’s house. Joined by family members, friends and neighbours, the groom makes his way up to his bride’s house. There is when the zaffe really takes place. As the bride and groom make their way out, women give them their blessings, not forget the ‘Ah Weeeee-ha’, and the ‘zalghouta’, a very quick joyous sound. Young boys and girls shower the newly weds with flower petals and rice as a sign of happiness. A wedding held at a hotel or restaurant would definitely be grander, especially with professional wedding planners at hand nowadays. This new trend towards big elaborate weddings has left the clients’ list growing longer. Flowers, balloons, lighting, music, entertainment, and a professional zaffe are just a few of the top priorities. However, leaving out all the additions and decorations that go into a big wedding, one would see that it’s very Lebanese at core. According to a recent news article, planning weddings is so big in Lebanon that many Arabs and Europeans call Lebanese wedding planners to help them out with their weddings. Even better, some come to wed the Lebanese way!