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Actress Michelle Rodriguez chose Basil Soda for the Première of 'Battle: Los Angeles'

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Actress Michelle Rodriguez (well-known for her role in TV series Lost) chose Basil Soda at the Columbia Pictures' Premiere of 'Battle: Los Angeles' at Mann Village Theatre on March 8, 2011 in Westwood, California. She picked a long black dress from..... Read full article

Lebanese designers fill Paris couture gaps


While Givenchy decided this week to stage a scaled down presentation to a privileged few, Lebanon's Elie Saab, Georges Chakra, Basil Soda, Georges Hobeika, and the house of Rabih Kayrouz all opted for catwalk shows.... Read full article

Fan Bing Bing & Daisy Lowe Front Row @ Elie Saab Fall 2011

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Fan Bing Bing and Daisy Lowe were the front row stars of the Elie Saab’s Fall 2011 presentation yesterday. Fan swept passed me so elegantly as she made her way to her seat. Despite the chaos of people trying to find their seats and photographers...... Read full article

Mia Wasikowska In Elie Saab Couture – “Jane Eyre” New York Premiere

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Mia Wasikowska attended the New York premiere of her new movie, “Jane Eyre” last night. The actress has worn a lot of black looks on the red carpet recently and that trend continued when she wore this Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture dress.... Read full article

هل أنت مع مشروع قانون الزواج المدني الاختياري في لبنان؟


A civil marriage is one where the marriage ceremony has a government or civil official perform the ceremony. A civil marriage is a wedding that takes place without any religious affiliation and meets the legal requirements of the locale.... Read full article

لبنانيون يتزوجون مدنياً في البحر

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أكد مرجع لـ "النهار" انه يؤيد دعوة رئيس الجمهورية ميشال سليمان لتطبيق الزواج المدني الاختياري على الأراضي اللبنانية، وتسجيله في المحاكم الم... Read full article

Civil marriage taboo no more

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For the Lebanese, Cyprus is Las Vegas. Not for gambling, but marriage. But while Las Vegas is the destination of choice for Americans looking to get married quickly, for the 400 Lebanese couples who travel to Cyprus every year seeking civil marriages... Read full article

Civil Marriage in Lebanon, Why not?


Why not? Why shouldn't there be Civil Marriage in Lebanon. This issue was brought up at the end of the presidency era of President Elias El Hrawi almost 10 years ago, and had been devastatingly ruled out, rejected, and severly attacked.... Read full article

Lebanese fashion designers reign supreme


BEIRUT - The top Western fashion designers suffered massively when purses around the globe snapped resoundingly shut during the financial crisis. But Lebanese designers, who hail from a land where Fashion TV is the channel of choice at the...... Read full article

حملـة مـن أجـل الـزواج المدنـي: عـرس جمـاعي .. مـع وقـف التنفيـذ


في الثامن عشر من آذار المقبل، تتأنق الفتيات. يلبسن فساتين العرس وأبهى حللهن. يصففن شعرهن. يتبرجن، ويتحضرن للّيلة الكبرى. ليلة العمر ... Read full article