A Marriage Proposal in a Movie Theater

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November 13, 2012

"Go big or go home." That was one groom-to-be's motto when thinking about proposing to his girlfriend.

It's gotten close to 14,000 hits on YouTube. In two days. Josh Pies is the producer of the movie proposal.

"Cost on something like this ought to be somewhere between $10,000 to $20,000, airing on the side of $20,000," said Pies. "With the amount of work, actors, amount of locations, it all costs time and money."

But this isn't an action movie. It's really a love story.

"Everything has been done on how to propose. So I was thinking,' how can I shock her?'" Todd Cavanaugh, groom-to-be said.

For Miss New York 2007, Todd says it had to be big.

"You know I've been so excited to marry Elisabeth for a while now, so I wasn't nervous at all until the movie trailer started. Once it started, I started to get the jitters, but I was kind of looking over at Elisabeth," Cavanaugh said.

Todd who is from Lima, and Elisabeth who lives in Oneonta met last February through a Christian college ministry program they both work for.

"As the trailer starts and I'm watching it, you can see I look kind of confused," Elisabeth Baldanza, bride-to-be said. "I'm kind of thinking,' it looks like Todd? But who actually thinks it's their boyfriend, you know?"

Todd and Elisabeth are planning their full-length feature in June 2011.

"I feel like the most blessed woman ever. I hope other people aren't too jealous that I'm marrying the most amazing man that I could possibly imagine," Baldanza said.