Maher Salameh - The Violinist


Getting married? Engaged? Nothing can make your occasion special other then adding a Violin spirit to it. Tending to have a royal wedding? Nothing but a violin can add this taste to your wedding with a high performance melted with a professional touch. Maher Salame can make your night Unforgettable. Because there is a mystery behind every violin that only a master can discover... Maher Salame, the First classical-electro-oriental violin cross over artist, makes melodies melt between his fingers, and let his magical music enters your hearts and rises to touch your souls. His violin-related insight inspires a lot of people and interest players of all stringed instruments too. Maher Salameh, ~~~~~~~~~~ was born in Beirut on august 20th, 1984. He was raised in a musical family and since 1992, his grandfather taught him how to play the violin since the age of 7. He learned how to play the violin, piano and singing. He studied classical and oriental music for twelve years. He entered the domain of art in the year of 2001 and since then he started expanding his activities to include a DJ in the year of 2003 and music production in 2005 His role model is his uncle "Jihad Akl" the best violinist in the Middle East. He played his instrument with several Lebanese and International artists such as: - Jihad Akl - Walid Abdel Massih - Guy Manoukian - Raoul Di Blasio - The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra He participated in several international festivals such as: - Formula One Event in Bahrain "July - 2005" - Dubai International Jazz Festival "March - 2007" - Palais Des Congres - Paris "March - 2008" - Qatar National Theatre "April - 2008" - Palais Des Congrais - Dbayeh, Beirut "June - 2008" - Aram Khachatryan Concert Hall - Yerevan, Armenia "July - 2008" - Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival "November - 2008" - Esplanade - Singapore "April - 2009" - Beiteddine - Lebanon "August - 2009" - K. Demirchyan Sport-Concert Complex - Yerevan, Armenia "September - 2009" - IndoChine Green Festival - Singapore "November - 2009" Also participated in several musical programs and shows such as: - Ya Liel Ya Ein (LBC TV) - Super Star(Future TV) - Special Night(Future TV) - Star Club(New TV) He played Soft Rock for a while with "Blend". Maher plays several types of music such as Oriental, Latin, Pop, Classic, Soft Rock and Electro. For the time being, Maher works @ Jihad Akl Studio as "Arranger and Direct Assistant". Maher plays with "Guy Manoukian" as a Soloist, Violinist. He also plays Electro music and Oriental electro music with several Djs in Lebanon. (More photos & videos are available in the Gallery)




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