The Band ```````````` With more than fifteen years of experience, FANTASTIX specializes in luxury events and offers a delightful taste in music to add a sparkle signature to your weddings. This artistic group of three is distinguished by a universal performance in several languages of any era and genre. Our area of expertise is a mixture of several shows together to end with a magnificent night. Our extravaganza consists of multiple shows to blaze your special night. Ideally, the band consists of the keyboard player and a male oriental singer, a female occidental singer, a female international singer (Arabic and occidental), or an Opera Male singer, and a percussion player (male or female). The band expands within every request. Additional independent shows may be included such as a PERCUSSION show, a VIOLIN show, and the one of a kind TIGER SHOW upon request. For all occasions, we deliver the right melody to all events, private parties, concerts, and opening as well. Your choice in music is our priority, along with our suggestions to make your night perfect at all. For those who may have no idea of what music or which artist to pick, FANTASTIX will offer you our own collection of more than 300 songs, from which you can pick and choose to your heart’s desire. Our repertoire is meant to be multilingual. Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish are our main fortress upon your desire. Our Singers: ``````````````` Stephanie: Adds a spice to our modern ambiance style. It is all new, fresh and different!! LATINO style is included to suave the mood along with a glimpse of ROCK, POP, DISCO, FUNK, JAZZ, HOUSE, TECHNO, ELECTRONIC, and ARABIC. Pavo: presents a multitude of musical tastes and languages, “15” is the precise number of languages he sings as he can add a great spice of classical opera songs and styles as well. Hadi Daou: Winner of the gold medal in Studio El Fan (popular song), Hadi is your best choice if you need special oriental ambiance. This excellent young artist can perform multiple style of oriental songs going from oldies golden repertory (Wadih el Safi, Sabah, Zaki Nassif, Feiruz,…) to the latest oriental hits (Assy Hellani, Ragheb Alamah, Melhem Zein…) Our Solo artists: ``````````````````` Maher Salameh: With a professional touch our solo violinist is the First classical-electro-oriental violin crossover artist that can offer you: - A very classy intro - An outstanding dance show - And least but not last, a majestic dinner performance. All of our singers participate in several concerts, TV appearances, show episodes, and weddings in most prestigious places… As our violin solo artist, he had participated into several International Festivals and had played his instrument with many Lebanese and International artists. The Tiger Show: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To experience a unique ambiance, the journey may begin with an explosive Occidental Music (House, Trance, Disco, Rock…) and/or Arabic Music to be treated in a new electronic music arrangement. It all creates THE TIGER SHOW that enlightens the event by escorting the crowd to the swirling action of a spectacular entertainment. A ONE of a kind worldwide show performed by “Nemer Habib” will exhibit on Fire Melody in a show filled with exceptional special effects, dazzling dancing, and enjoyable music. THE TIGER SHOW provides also dance choreography performed by professional dancers in a modern concept and unusual costumes. Nemer Habib has performed on stage with many Lebanese and International artists, and also arranged many songs for them since the beginning of his music career; we can mention some of them: Majida El Roumi; Luca Verrone; Jihad Akl; Hicham El Hage; Wadih El Safi; Zaki Nassif; Bassima; Najwa Karam; Ziad Bourji,… and many others. He participated in many concerts, weddings, and parties all over the world as he participated in several TV appearances as: ‐ Studio EL Fan on LBCI Lebanon (1996) ‐ Oyoun Beirut on Orbit-Al Yawm Channel (2005; 2008; and 2009) ‐ Tea Time on LBCI (2005) ‐ Najm El Khalij on Nojoum TV (2007) for two months (2 episodes per week) ‐ Salala Festival on Nojoum TV (2007) for two months (2 episodes per week) ‐ Yawm Jdid on OTV Lebanon (2011) ‐ LOL on OTV Lebanon (2011) ‐ Sorry Bass on OTV Lebanon (2012) ‐ Men El Ekhir on MTV Lebanon (2012) ‐ Bi Beirut on LBCI (2012)



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